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Lipetsk was first mentioned in the 13th century chronicles. In 1284, the city was destroyed by the Mongols. In 1702, Peter the Great ordered construction of a cast iron factory in Lipetsk near the iron ore deposits for making artillery shells. In 1796, Lipetsk became one of the principal towns of the Tambov guberniya. In 1879, Lipetsk hosted a congress of members of Zemlya i volya.

The principal industries of Lipetsk include ferrous metallurgy, machinery, metalworking, machine tools, engines, chemicals, food, and clothing.

Lipetsk is one of the oldest mud bath and balneological resorts in Russia (first opened in 1805). Peat mud and chalybeate hydrocarbonate calcic springs are used to treat patients. Sulphate and chloride sodium water is used for therapeutic baths and drinking.

Lipetsk is the home of the Lipetsk Polytechnic University.

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